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Train your brain!

Let you subconscious work FOR you!

GoalMapping is a tool for personal and group motivation, drive, leadership, self-leadership, leadership and sales training is my focus area. For me, the basis for being able to do a good job is that you have found personal motivation. with their drive / why – their “meaning of life” and with the guidance of the drive you can find how to get there – set your short and long goals – GoalMapping is a powerful tool. You make your plan to achieve the goals – identify which resources and people you need help from. Setting goals is important to steer one’s subconscious and active thinking in the desired direction.

Who do You want to be?

At least as important is to be / genuinely behave in a way that supports this … In fact, research shows that we admire “our heroes / role models” more for what they are (helping, cordial, genuine …) than for what they are achieved (Title, world champion …). LifeMapping helps me find the way I want to be / be experienced as.

Are you working fully towards your life goal? With balance in life?

Personal motivation to train your subconscious to work FOR you – not AGAINST you!

Most of us know that you have to train your body to cope with daily life and be ready for a leap march when you are late to the bus. Maintaining the brain, its attitudes and thoughts thoughts is not as obvious – how do you think? Does your subconscious mind work towards working towards what you want – or towards avoiding something you do not want? GoalMapping works for me and now I share my experiences in GoalMapping, LifeMapping, DISC and not least my experiences …


To reach out with their message

DISC / DISA : Understanding your own and others’ behavior is an important key to having better-functioning teams, more effective leadership, increased sales or better customer care. It is simply a basis for making the meeting between people more frictionless – and thus more efficient.

Personal Motivation – Train Your Brain

your why and how!

Goal Mapping: This powerful tool helped me gain focus, inspiration and set my goals and motivations. It is used to find personal and / or the group’s motivation, their driving force, their why / “life goal” and break it down into a manageable plan with intermediate goals, how and who influences. The end result will be a clear map, visually and in text, of how the personal motivation and drive towards the goals.

Entrepreneurship and business

strategy, structure and culture

  • Coaching of new and old entrepreneurs, interim assignments and board assignments
  • Education and inspiration in sales / marketing, contact creation and relationship building. Help for management teams and groups to find each other’s strengths and to communicate with more focus on problem solving and without personal conflicts.
  • Mentorship for new entrepreneurs within ALMI, via networking and directly with customers. We coach and give tips from our experience as small businesses.

Take care of your body

Personal Motivation – Train Your Brain

Entrepreneurship and business